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Jean-J Duclervil is a senior tax analyst and  CEO of Duc’s Tax Preparation. He has experience helping clients with tax preparation and consultation for eight years. He provides his knowledge and expertise in order to provide exceptional services to his clients. A notary public, He is a professional, very knowledgeable in tax matters, specializing in individual and small business tax.  Wanting to make a bigger impact in his community and reach more clientele, he founded Duc’s Tax Preparation. He goes above and beyond to make sure you receive the best experience. He provides tax preparation services as well as consulting.

Duc’s Tax Prep for 8 years has been providing professional and individualized tax services.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is making sure our clients are taken care of. Tax preparation should be a walk in the park.

Our Focus

Our main focus is our clients and making sure they are financially set and in good hands when it comes to their taxes